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While my household slept, I walked to my polling place to submit my vote. It was a cold, November day in 2016. It took me less than two minutes to reach my destination. As usual, I was swarmed by small office candidates. I honestly had no idea who they were. Still, I smiled as I accepted the fliers.

I went to that poll knowing damn well that Donald Trump was not going to win the 2016 election. I normally vote, but I didn’t want to vote in that election. I voted anyway because I knew my mother would ask if i had.

I reluctantly placed my vote for Hilary Clinton. I didn’t really care for Hilary. I just knew that I had to be realistic. Somebody was going to win this election. I just didn’t want it to be Donald Trump.

After I cast my ballot, I walked back home. Everyone was still sleeping, so I laid back down.

My friend came over that afternoon to braid my hair. We talked about an array of subjects, but the election was heavy on our minds and in our hearts. History was about to be made! Whether we cared for Hilary Clinton or not, she was going to be the first woman president. As a woman, I was kind of excited.

I flipped the living room television to CNN. This network was also quite confident in Hilary Clinton’s chances.

As polls closed, the map was starting to look a little funny. I was slightly worried, but no big deal! The margin of error warning was there for a reason.

At around 10:00pm, I watched in horror as the state of Florida turned red. “It’s over!”, I cried to my friend. Tears began to roll down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Hell, even Right-leaning Fox News had Hilary edging by.

I was visibly shaken for the rest of that night. I cried myself to sleep. I was sure that the “Access Hollywood” tape scandal would’ve done him in.

Not. One. Bit. It was so crazy how much bullshit people were willing to overlook. Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. Clinton has a ton of skeletons herself. I guess you could say that everyone was overlooking a lot of bullshit, no matter who they voted for.

Unfortunately, we slept on Donald Trump. We got complacent. I was one of millions who underestimated him. We can cry about “Russia” all we want, but the fact of the matter is that Trump out-strategized Hilary.

We did make history. We elected the first reality star and celebrity elite to the highest office in the land. I thought Republicans hated the celebrity elites….

Throughout his term, I knew that there was no way that Trump would be removed from office. Democrats were so obsessed with finding ways to destroy that man. I knew better. I knew that the only way to get rid of Trump was to beat him. We had to vote.

The impeachment trial was a waste of time and money. I knew damn well that it wouldn’t hold piss water. Yes, Trump will have the stain of impeachment on his record, but the senate refused to remove him. Who didn’t see that coming with a Republican-controlled senate? Is Trump guilty of misconduct(not necessarily election related)?Absolutely! Did that stop him? Nope!

For four years, Trump and his supporters continued to get under the skin of millions of people. I was confused. “If Trump is so great and he is for America, why do his supporters make it seem like his presidency is a punishment for the opposition? Wouldn’t they want him to turn all of the opposition?”.

Every day there was a new lie. There was a new insult. There was a new projection. There was another disgusting story. There was another conspiracy. The truth is, Trump made a few strides during his term. Most of his opposition didn’t notice because his crass nature and petty attitude spoke louder.

When COVID-19 came to the United States, there was a fear. I think it was a valid fear. It was so spreading, and still is spreading like wildfire.

You know that I have ore-existing health conditions, including lung inflammation. I wanted no parts of Rona.

Yes, I understand that the survival rate from Covid-19 is very high. However, I would never chance it. I’m still not confident that I would make it out alive if I became infected. Besides, I have too much to lose.

I hated the way that Donald Trump downplayed the virus. At first, he seemed serious. I even tuned into the task force meetings. It seemed like the more the economy suffered, due to shutdowns, the more Trump kept downplaying the virus.

He put his ego before the country. That point was solidified. As a businessman, Donald Trump is all about the numbers. He spent more than four years eerily obsessed with Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Sounds like “derangement syndrome” to me. There was no way that he was going to be outdone.

When Trump and his family became infected with COVID-19, the reception was mixed. A lot of people were excited and a lot of people were send well wishes. Some people thought he deserved to be sick because he constantly disregarded the safety precautions. I don’t play about karma, but I didn’t shed any tears.

The optimism in me thought that if the president healed from COVID-19, he would be humbled and show some redeeming qualities to his opposition. I was wrong. After Trump and his family recovered from the virus, he continued downplay the virus and disregard safety measures.

Even as numbers continue to rise, Trump continues to hold large campaign rallies. Say what you want about Trump, but the man(child) can pull some large crowds. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Once again, putting ego over country.

Don’t get me started on the disgusting conspiracy theories that Trump continues to spread. Apparently, the Democrats are running a covid hoax in order to gain sympathy votes. He claims that “States will open back up on November 4th”. Also, he touts the conspiracy that doctors are making bank by inflating infection numbers.

Everything and everyone is out to get Trump, according to him. It’s always about him. His supporters eat it up. Father save us all!

Donald Trump continues to show that he only works for his supporters. He constantly emboldens them with his various dog whistles. He continues to berate and taunt his opposition. Many of his supporters follow in his direction. It’s almost cult-like.

Here I am four, long, years later. We are approaching another Election Day. We are casting votes for the lesser of the two evils. We are seeing an assortment of intimidation tactics. Social media has become more toxic than ever. Family members are disowning each other. Friendships are breaking up.

I never cut myself off from Trump voters. I never understood their rationale, but i still found some nice people.

After four years, I’m finding it harder to accept Trump voters. Social media really makes you believe that they are all bigoted, racists, and nutty. That’s why I had to step back. I didn’t like the feelings that I had about those voters. A lot of them love that he says the quiet part out loud. Some of them genuinely believe that Trump is the closest thing to Jesus.

I’m annoyed with the Democratic Party. No, I no longer identify as a Democrat. After doing my own research, I came to the conclusion that neither major party hold my best interest. I have since changed my voter registration to reflect “No party affiliation”. I decide to vote based on candidate rather than party.

Anyway, I’m annoyed with the Democrats because they have once again produced a lackluster candidate. I’m sure 50 people ran for the nomination. Not one candidate stood out to me. Here we good again.

Joe Biden does stand out from Donald Trump, though. He’s not a bully. I think that is what people are riding on-that small, but stark difference.

Call me a snowflake all you want to, but I like presidents who are more interested in the country, versus presidents who are obsessed with creating conspiracies and belittling others. I also prefer my president to be meltdown-free on Twitter at 3am. Joe Biden also seems to care about taking Covid-19 seriously.

I didn’t vote for Joe “You ain’t Black” Biden because he’s a well-rounded candidate. Who is? I voted for him for the same reason that I voted for Hilary-I want “Look at my African American” Trump to go. Indeed, I had to overlook a lot of bullshit. The fact of the matter is that one of these two candidates will win this upcoming election.

I’m nervous as Hell, but it gives me hope to see people taking this election seriously. Trump did not lie when he said that he could “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any supporters.”. I think this is one of the rare times where he told the truth.

I’m just telling my story. No matter who you are, or who you support, go vote. Make your voice heard. Don’t forget that the Congress seats are just as important! Either way, someone is going to be mad at the end of this. I’m not sure if we will close that gap of division anytime soon, but I’m holding out hope.

A Joe Biden presidency will yield a boring news cycle. I’m not even mad about it one bit.

By Antonia Harris

A stay-at-home mom & dedicated wife on a path to find a purpose.

2 replies on “THE DREADED ELECTION: Take Two!”

I look forward to 4 years of pushing back against all sorts of stupid things I expect Biden to do. I am particularly looking forward to pushing as hard as I can to move things further left.

In short, I look forward to run-of-the-mill badness from an ordinary American President who will at least try to run the country for the benefit of us all.

As to the alternative? The country will not survive 4 more years of that.


You aren’t the only one! Joe Biden is definitely not very left leaning. I hope that he listens to advice and considers some more progressive policies. At this point, I would choose anyone over what we have now. I gave him a chance and my mind has not changed.

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