Dear Essential Workers……

Technically, every worker is “essential” to someone or something.

Healthcare and grocery are especially essential right now. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that Covid-19 has been spreading around the world. It has morphed into a pandemic with unfortunate consequences.

A lot of people haven’t necessarily been happy about the government response at the state or federal level. Party affiliations aside, you have to admit that the response could have been better on all fronts.

The financial response was terrible. It still is terrible. With the number cases back on the rise, will we see another lockdown? What about the people who haven’t received any financial relief? What about those who have become permanently unemployed?

Donnie was out of work on March 30th. He was supposed to return to work on April 8th, but that didn’t happen. I was worried. We had $1400 in savings.

Congress was negotiating a stimulus check for Americans. Of course, both sides of the isle throw fits when they don’t get what they want. Unfortunately, it’s the average people like my family who end up suffering. Save your “But the Democrats…” this or “But the Republicans….” that. Both sides are complicit, and have been since day one. Both parties have been manipulating us all into pointing fingers. We aren’t the enemy. Our government is the enemy.

I just got off track. It happens.

Anyway, my husband is one of the workers who was not deemed essential during this time. My husband was one of the people who had to take advantage of a stimulus check and unemployment benefits so that his family could survive for 2 months. Praise God that he even had a job to go back to.

Some people were fortunate enough to be able to work during this pandemic. Let’s recognize that essential workers also had their lives turned upside down. They were and still are risking their lives on the front lines. Do they deserve extra compensation? ABSOLUTELY! Who should they direct their misplaced anger towards? That’s correct: The Government! One thing that this pandemic has highlighted is that wages are not high enough.

But we already knew that. Getting someone to care is another story.

Why are there so many “essential workers” pissed off at people who were temporarily or permanently laid off through no fault of their own? Do they not also deserve extra compensation for that unfortunate inconvenience?

I apologize that my husband didn’t pass on his extra $600 a week to an essential worker. There were people who were getting that government assistance, and it still didn’t match their salary. I’m sorry they couldn’t help you either.

Hm….It sounds like you need to take that up with YOUR government, instead of writing “who else can say that they worked everyday during the pandemic?” or “who else paid their bills without a stimulus check?” on social media. Congratulations! You are blessed. That’s not everyone’s story. Furloughed workers didn’t do you dirty. Your government did you dirty.

Donnie didn’t get his first post-“stay at home” order paycheck until June. It was such a blessing to have. I was sad that he had to go back to work, but it was a blessing for him to have a job to go back to.

My point of this post is that EVERYONE had their life turned upside down. This is not a financial competition. The financial relief is temporary, and cannot replace an actual job. I wish I could say that Donnie and I invested a new home with our relief income. NOPE. Why? The bills didn’t stop. They never do.

Workers, like my husband, were told to sit at home for months with little to no income. You’re mad at them for what? I’m mad that tax payers who were dependent last tax year didn’t get a check. I’m mad that there are people sitting at home on unemployment who can’t go back to work. I’m mad that small businesses failed. I’m mad that big billion dollar businesses are getting bailouts. That’s right, though. Get mad at my husband for getting $600 a week and a 1 time stimulus check. Makes perfect sense….

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By Antonia Harris

A stay-at-home mom & dedicated wife on a path to find a purpose.

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