I Keep Praying, But I’m Not Receiving!

How many of you thought that prayer would exclude you from adversity? I used to be that person.

With that mentality, I would get so mad at God when bad things would happen. I thought prayer was supposed to cover me. I always learned in church that certain things wouldn’t happen to me if I just pray.

It’s simply not true.

It seemed like the harder that I prayed, the worse things would get.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what happens to me often.

I liken this adversity to “training”. I think that God is preparing you for what you are about to receive. When you are hired to a new company, you have to go through a preliminary process before you can get to the next level. I think that God is allowing you to go through to see if you are fully prepared to handle the next step.

For instance, I ask God all of the time for an increase in my business. Last month, I went through some terrible growing pains, and I was ready to give up because I stopped seeing the vision. Let’s call it was it was: I was throwing tantrums. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting business. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t receiving support from people who SWORE they would support me. I was acting like an entitled ass.

How was I expecting to get a seat at the adult table when I was still acting like a child. How was I expected to handle a business “boom”, when I can’t even handle the growing pains? You know what they say: “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”!

The thing is, God is not going to put more on us than we can handle. He knows what I can handle, and he knows what you could handle. In order to elevate to the next level, we must mature mentally and spiritually. You can layer as many bricks as you want, but if your foundation is shaky, your work will eventually crumble. This is why you can’t look at the next person. You might get jealous because you don’t know what preparations that person had to go through. You don’t know what growing pains that person had to go through. You don’t know if that person’s foundation is sturdy. Congratulate and focus on yourself.

I could have quit in May, but I picked myself back up after two days of tears and anxiety. I could have given up, but I wouldn’t obtained the many blessings that I received a few days later. My team, especially my sponsor, really gave me that emotional push. However, I must learn to see it for myself. I must encourage myself.

I think that God wants us to seek him when things are good and when things are bad. We tend to see him when we hit rock bottom, and then forget him when we are satisfied.

Yesterday was another rough day. I woke up motivated, and then everything that could go wrong all went wrong. I pulled myself from the brink of a tantrum. I did that! I can’t always control what happens, but I can control my outlook. I truly believe there is a reason for everything. I truly believe there is a preparation for everything. You have to go through the rain to get to the rainbow.

All I know is that I want to be mentally strong enough to go through whatever I have to go through to get what is mine.

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By Antonia Harris

A stay-at-home mom & dedicated wife on a path to find a purpose.

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