Why I Switched From Publishing On Medium To Creating My Own Website.

First of all, thank you. Thank you for the support that you have shown to me. Thank you for encouraging me.

As many of you know, writing has been my therapy. I want my stories to help people get to know me, share experiences, and open some dialogues. I first started writing back in 2018, but I lost my confidence. After a hiatus, I began writing again. I thought that if I published my writings, I could reach people. I first heard about Medium from my husband. I decided to register because it was free to do so. I never expected to amass the amount of views and reads on my first story. I didn’t expect such positive feedback. I even received some followers. That reach gave me confidence. As I published more and more stories, the amount of views and reads took a nosedive.

After I received my most recent Medium follower, I decided to look at each profile of my followers. Most of the profiles seemed to have the same common trait: They were brand new accounts.

My heart melted. Several friends and family created Medium accounts to support my writings. Unfortunately, Medium has a rule that only allows paying members to read an unlimited number articles a month.

Was this the reason why my stories weren’t getting many views anymore? Were my stories just not good? Was it a combination of both?

It was at that moment that I decided to create my own website. I want my supporters, new and old, to be able to read my stories without any strings attached. I’m very excited to share my content with you all.

Welcome to MommYsc8pe!

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By Antonia Harris

A stay-at-home mom & dedicated wife on a path to find a purpose.

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