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HOT TOPIC: The Stimulus Check

SO! There is a debate about the infamous $2,000 stimulus check. If legislation is approved, common folks, like you and I, will be funded. What’s the issue? The people who are arguing over how much relief we deserve make at least double your yearly salary. “He has a point.”. This is what I said when […]

Happy New Year!

The new year will be here in a few days. You know what that means? YES! Everyone will be making superficial resolutions that they will only put thought in for the first few months of the year. Also, the eye-rolling, “I’m leaving (fill in the blank) in (fill in the outgoing year)!”…Like it’s that easy. […]

Why I Love It: Online Shopping!

I started my online shopping addiction about 10 years ago. I was looking for maternity and baby wear. When I found a 6-pack of onesies for $4.00, I knew I was onto something. While it has it’s downsides, online shopping has satisfied most of my household needs over the years. Shockingly, I’ve ALWAYS hated shopping. […]

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